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  • What is TAN?

    TAN or Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number is a 10 digit alpha numeric number required to be obtained by all persons who are responsible for deducting or collecting tax. It is compulsory to quote TAN in TDS/TCS return (including any e-TDS/TCS return), any TDS/TCS payment challan and TDS/TCS certificates.

  • Who must apply for TAN?

    All those persons who are required to deduct tax at source or collect tax at source on behalf of Income Tax Department are required to apply for and obtain TAN.

  • Why to apply for TAN?

    The provisions of section 203A of the Income-tax Act require all persons who deduct or collect tax at source to apply for the allotment of a TAN. The section also makes it mandatory for TAN to be quoted in all TDS/TCS returns, all TDS/TCS payment challans and all TDS/TCS certificates to be issued. Failure to apply for TAN or comply with any of the other provisions of the section attracts a penalty of Rs. 10,000/-.

  • Why is it necessary to have TAN?

    TAN is required to be quoted in all TDS/TCS returns, all TDS/TCS payment challans and all TDS/TCS certificates to be issued. TDS/TCS returns will not be received if TAN is not quoted and challans for TDS/TCS payments will not be accepted by banks. Failure to apply for TAN or not quoting the same in the specified documents attracts a penalty of Rs. 10,000/-

  • How to apply for TAN?

    An application for allotment of TAN is to be filed in Form 49B and submitted at any of the TIN Facilitation Centres meant for receipt of e-TDS returns. Addresses of the TIN FC are available at www.incometaxindia.gov.in or http://tin.nsdl.com.

  • Who will allot TAN?

    TAN is allotted by the Income Tax Department on the basis of the application submitted to TIN Facilitation Centres managed by NSDL. NSDL will intimate the TAN which will be required to be mentioned in all future correspondence relating to TDS/TCS.

  • What happens in a situation where a deductor does not have TAN or has a TAN in old format?

    The deductor will have to file an application in Form 49B at the TIN Facilitation Centre along with application fee (Rs 50/-+ service tax as applicable) for TAN.

  • Is it necessary to apply for different TAN if a deductor has to deduct tax from different types of payments like salary, interest, dividend etc.?

    No. TAN once allotted can be used for all type of deductions. It can also be used in case tax is being collected at source also.

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