CFO Services Bangalore

CFO Services

    We provide the following Services :

  • Advice on tax planning
  • Advice on business funding & Compliance & Meeting Investor requirements
  • Valuation of business
  • Bank finance documentation & Coordination
  • Structuring of ESOP & Other Employee benefits.

Why Outsource CFO services

In today’s scenario, entrepreneurs face competitive challenges and regulatory demands that can affect cash flow and profitability. At some point, the entrepreneurs realize that too much of their time is spent focusing on these issues and too little time is spent focusing on business development and other core business matters. It creates an atmosphere of stress and the whole work system is affected. At this point in your business,you need to consider CFO services and retaining an affordable, interim CFO, part-time CFO, and virtual CFO. We will take this stress from you & you get to refocus on operating and growing your business.

Benefits of using CFO services

  • Save time and money
  • Maintain focus on your business
  • Manage cashflow effectively
  • Strategic succession and exit plans
  • Systemised business
  • Make good business decisions based on accurate data
  • Accelerated business growth

Roles of CFO

Early start–up phase: The CFO takes charge of your internal processes and internal controls. He understands the way your business works and provides you valuable service in arrangement of cash by offering banking and lending services & by providing financial strategy services. CFO also helps in improving your processes which in turn improves your working culture and helps to make optimum utilization of your resources.

Growth phase: Growth is the most important driver that requires SME’s and companies to work in an efficient and effective manner. We provide you guidance to grow in the right directions with optimum arrangement of funds & by providing you services such as profit maximization, expense reduction & assistance in allocating your resources in effective & efficient manner, identifying your areas of improvement and help you improving the same. CFO will also advice in taking decisions regarding mergers and acquisitions.

Turnaround phase:The CFO has to undergo in depth verification to make vital decisions. The CFO has great challenges as they have to focus on making modifications where businesses are failing to produce acceptable returns. He also helps in restructuring of debts of the company and providing working capital assistance.

CFO Types

  • Virtual CFO
    Engaging as a strategic partner, on an ongoing basis to help you grow your business.
  • Interim CFO
    Filling in the void, on a temporary basis, created by the sudden exit of your existing CFO.
  • Special purpose CFO
    Assisting your management team, and the CFO, with mission critical projects.
  • Full-time CFO
    Leveraging our network and domain expertise to help you recruit the right CFO.

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