Representation and Appeal :

Representation and Appeal :

Tax Law matters are handled better manner if they are handled by tax experts. Tax Law Experts are better equipped to understand the requirements from the tax authorities and give apt replies to the notices and bring the matters to a closure in the most appropriate manner and in the shortest possible time.

Proceeding under the Income Tax Law are legal proceedings, if the assessee is not in agreement with the order of the Income Tax Officer, there is a due procedure laid down in the Law for redressal of such matter by way of appeal and review. Assesee not agreeing with the order of the Income Tax Officer can file for an appeal to the Commissioner ( Appeals), thereafter with Income Tax Tribunal, High Court and then Supreme Court.

ADCA provides expert services in representing the clients before the tax authorities for income tax assessments and other income tax matters. ADCA over the last 10 years has built expertise on filing appeals and reviews and representation of clients in Tribunals and Courts. ADCA is being recognised as one of the best CA firms in Bangalore providing the services of filing appeals and providing representations.

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