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Invest your time and efforts on running your business and leave the Taxation to the trusted tax consultants in Bangalore.

The taxation law in India is ever changing. We at ADCA focus on updating our clients on the changes in the tax law and we ensure necessary arrangements are made to comply with the requirements of law and we identify opportunities for our clients that help them manage their day to day affairs in the most tax efficient manner.

ADCA provides the following services on taxation matters.

Business entities are immensely benefited if they're associated with an advising team, who can council them on tax related issues and help them grow their business. We at ADCA help you resolve tax related issues in the most tax efficient way. ADCA provide expert services in

  • Tax advisory and Tax Planning Services, including Business Taxation, international Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Capital Gains.
  • Preparation and filing of Income Tax Returns
  • Replying to notices from department and Co-ordination with the department.
  • Representation before Tax Authorities.
  • Appeals at Tribunal and Courts.

Professional tax is a tax on profession, trade and employment, which is levied by the commercial taxes department of the State. This is yet another compliance that is to be met by those carrying on business or profession and also those employing people in one’s organization. We provide comprehensive services to assist our clients meet this compliance.

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